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Roof Repair Vs Roof Waterproofing

So at the end of the day, both systems will have the same end result, the roof not leaking. Generally speaking the roof repair aspect will entail more of a strip of the leak site, replace, refit, correct sags, replace underlay or what's causing leaking reassemble. This normally is all machanically fixed and under tile or what ever roof   

Flat Roof WaterprooFix A Roof ing - Torch On Mineral Based Bitumen System BFix A Roof Johannesburg

Mineral Torch-On ( Flat Roofs )

Mineral Torch on is a Bitumonius heat infused membrane system used for all flat roof and low pitch roof types. This is a fantastic product as the maintenance is nearly nil. As there is grit on the top there is no need for the 2-year re-oxide scenario as with the standard torch on. 

Flat Roof Repair & Flat Roof Waterproofing - Fix A RoofJohannesburg

4mm Bitumonius Torch On Systems

The standard-issue when coming to waterproofing the flat roof is the tried and trusted 4mm cross-woven membrane system . this is applied using a gas flame and is a staple in the low pitch roof arena.  


Polycarbonate Sheeting-UV Safe

The patio roof, entertainment area roof segment is at a great stage now. Polycarbonate sheeting is so advanced now with regards to the UV index and the absolutely stunning clarity they now come with.   

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Roof Sags - Hips|Tile Purlin |Ridges

The roof sag is not always as noticeable as the one in the picture. The first thing generally is the roof will start to leak. There are various reasons why this can happen but either way its the most crucial of all repairs that need immediate attention. 

Weather-beaten Roof

Galvanised| Steel | Tin - Roofing 

The metal roof leaking issue is a huge issue for those who suffer its wrath. The leaks from this roof type in many cases are from installation guidelines not being adhered to. There is a specific way one should assemble these roofs and most importantly the fixtures used and the strict adherence to pitch is just to name a few of the points one has to adhere to.  

How Wind Effects Roofs

Thermal Expansion 

Capillary Action In Action

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