Roof Waterproofing Flashings 

What Roof Flashings are in a Nutshell 

The 101 On What Flashings are and Why They Important 

Roof flashings are fitted primarily to maintain a watertight roof. Without a flashing fitted, rainwater would run down the chimney, or the higher area of roof tiles, and just disappear into the house interior where the chimney rises through the roof.Ap

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Is Flashing Necessary? 

Flashing is utilized to keep roof components from damage and to keep the roof waterproof. Without flashing, roofing components (such as a chimney) may come into contact with water which can saturate and damage the component or the structure of the house. In short, flashing keeps your home sound.


Many people expect roofs to perform for a minimum of 15 to 20 years. Some roofs can be expected to last 50 to 80 years. This means that the materials which are used for flashings must have the same, or greater, lifespan as the roofing material itself.

How long should roof flashing last?

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