Ceilings - Rhino lighting | Cornices | Painting

Only too often we get to the phase after the roof leak has been repaired, and in most cases is not covered by the insurance and is put down to the d redid maintenance clause they all seem to have.

The solution,

The good news is at the ceiling stage the insurance once the roof has been repaired will cover the ceiling damage. There are two ways to do ceilings. Have us the professionals do it properly so its a thing of beauty and something that defines the inside of your home of end up with a literal nightmare.

Ceiling Boards: Fiber and Chalkboards 

 Fiber Boards: A question no one ever asks and not forgetting the thickness as well. We a quick 101 on ceilings. The fiberboards are best for the patio and outdoors application and this is due to the fact that there is no chalk on the inside so if and when they do get wet they do not stain or sag as quickly as chalk paper units 

 Chalk / Boards & Thickness: One area especially when dealing with a big open area where there are no walls or corners breaking the ceiling area and there will be a lot of rhino lighting taking place the thickness and board quality is paramount.

Taking into account that a dry bag of rhino light is 40 kg excluding water and paint.


A cheaper thinner board which generally is why some ceilings quotes will vary so much will end in a final product that at best will scare you and mostly just upset you.


We were well aware of this dilemma will propose the correct specification for the area in question. You the client will have all knowledge and our experience at your fingertips.


This is where you can make or break a stunning installation. Once we have rhino lighted the ceiling everything is square and plum a badly installed cornice is the worst. Its visible cannot be hidden and is for all to see. This is where we shine. In the past and still in some cases have to mate an off-camber ceiling side edge to a different angled front section, happens often with the patio builds, we do it and they look great.