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Torch-On -Systems Explained

Bitumen-Polymer Reinforced Plastomeric Waterproofing Membrane Containing Distilled Bitumen and Plastomers.

The membrane is manufactured from modified bitumen reinforced with a non-woven polyester fabric and a fiberglass mat.

abe® unigum dual reinforced is a robust and stable membrane due to the incorporation of two reinforcement materials. The membrane strength from the polyester and the stability from the fiberglass mat. The upper surface of the membrane receives an evenly distributed talc finish which allows the membrane to be unrolled easily during the installation process. The underside of the membrane receives a sacrificial polyethylene film, Flaminia. The membrane is then embossed. The embossing allows for rapid burn off of the polyethylene film when the membrane is being installed by torch application and additionally allows for vapor diffusion when loose-laid or spot bonded installation procedures are used.

abe® unigum MS incorporates a slate granule embedded into the upper surface of the membrane producing an aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance waterproofing material. It should be noted that this membrane should not be used as a primary waterproofing membrane but be used as a capping sheet in a two-layer system.

abe® unigum dual reinforced bitumen waterproofing membranes possess excellent aging resistance and dimensional stability making them suitable for solving the most difficult waterproofing problems on flat, sloping and pitched roofs, reinforced concrete, prefabricated concrete, masonry cement, metal and timber decks, and terraces, with or without thermal insulation; and for renovation purposes.


Modified Bitumen Systems - Stone Chip Surface 

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