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Correct Flashings 

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Flashing performs an important role in roofing systems. It safeguards edges where leaks frequently cause significant damage. ... Similarly, uniquely pre-formed metal flashing may help protect vent pipes, eaves and other structures on the roof

Tex Screw & Rubber Washer Systems 

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Metal fasteners are used when installing...

  • A new metal roof on a residential home, business or commercial building

  • A post-frame or a pre-engineered steel building for an equestrian, agricultural, farm animal or product storage facility

  • Garage for an RV, boat or farm equipment

  • And more...

"The fasteners you choose are just as important as the decision you made to reap the benefits of building with metal. A quality fastener ensures benefits like energy efficiency, lowering homeowner's insurance and the long life associated with metal construction. 


"Matching the correct fastener to your job becomes vital to the success of your business. Here is our top 10 list of what to look for when buying metal roof fasteners:"


  1. Use the right fastener. Screws and fasteners have metal-to-wood and metal-to-metal applications. 

  2. Use a fastener that has a large washer. 

  3. Hi-Lo threaded screws are used in metal-to-wood applications. (Tek screws are used in metal-to-metal applications. Stainless steel screws should be used when screwing down aluminum metal roofs. )

  4. Protect against corrosion and rust by using mechanically galvanized fasteners. 

  5. Variety and choice matter. 

  6. Instead of carbon steel screws use stainless steel or zinc-aluminum cap screws. 

  7. Look for and use fasteners with a strong V-neck head to prevent product breakage while on the job site. 

  8. Coordinate color of roofing screw with roof panel color. 

  9. If you need the screws yesterday look for quick ship options. 

  10. Use fasteners from a reliable company. 

Lap Seal - Metal Roofs

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  • Weathering: Retains memory and sealing qualities (if compressed).

  • Porosity: Metal Roofing Sheets: Compress by 95 % of its original thickness for a waterproof seal.

  • Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets: Compress by 75 % of its original thickness for a waterproof seal.

  • Temperature Range: Metal Roofing Sheets: -20 C to +12C

  • Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets: -20 C to +77 C.

  • Resistance: Not sensitive to decay, fungi, weak acids or alkaline solutions.


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