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When coming to the painting of the home and the walls there are some crucial aspects to never forget and always make the most important and that is the quality of the paint and the preparation of all areas being renovated or coating from new.

Wall in picture Red: This is a wall where the authenticity and look were a prerequisite. We were skeptical regarding the painting and guarantee related issues. non the less we prepped the wall got rid of the damp and sprayed it. This is the wall 6 years later {it's like a bay to us, we check in periodically) . Color is outstanding and this is it after all those hellish hail storms - preparation is everything

Preparation: This is generally the slowest stage of any and where the final product is determined and all this at the very beginning. The steps here are the make or break for the final product.

Using the correct binding coats and undercoats determine how the paint will adhere to the wall long term, affect the final coat sheen and general flatness in the effectiveness of how it reacts to the light which directly relates to how the color is seen to our eye  


All theses factors are important, none more or less than the last.

The best news of having us is that our core is roof waterproofing and roof repairs in the Johannesburg area.From flat roof torch on bitumen systems to building new patio roofs we do the whole enchilada