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Benefits of the from new build

Moving Into A House with a bad extension

S you moved into your new home with the great extension and first rains it's just raining inside as bad as outside, Most builders when they build get that 70% great and that last roof /flashings and proper waterproofing

is gone with the wind, its a reality.

Should that be the case do not fret. Roof waterproofing in the Johannesburg area is what we do. Whether a roof repair or flat roof torch on we have you covered.

The New Build 

This is what dreams are made of, from the get-go you have what you want / need / maybe will need.

The build is something that's exciting fulfilling and very rewarding once you start enjoying it. Construction at the best of time to some find it very stress full, The right contactor that done the job before is your key.

The pics above are an example of where a build was a generous one and included drainage so water doesn't flow back to the patio. Proper lighting an amazing ceiling and voila you have the roof cover fit for outdoor living as it was intended 

If you interested drop us a mail the options are so vast its impossible to cover it here on the site, it'll be a meet and greet also there is no hurry, lots to ponder