What causes a roof to leak? It was fine ,looks fine?

The big green monster here is thermal expansion. The wind during heavy storms causes general movement. With the settling of all the components that make up a home roof, both material wise and the foundations which are earth bound,  these have constant movement adds to the dilemma of the roof shift and the thermal expansion properties is why a roof deteriorates and needs maintenance..

Interesting Roof Data & Stresses It Causes


The graph above shows what difference just the color of a roof tile makes. This is important because as the roof experiences the effects of the thermal expansion so do the different components that make up the roof.

Roof Ridge Mortar: The biggest enemy of the mortar is the constant movement of the tiles and roof structure. The ridges crack and require maintenance as required - all roofs differ. Causes, heat, damage from hail and truss related movements.

Underlay- As the rooftop heats up so does the inner section. An original underlay is a plastic-based unit that perishes due to it losing elasticity and moisture -simply cracks and falls apart.

Barge | Fascia Boards - Theses generally protect the truss ends and on lean-to roof play a crucial part in not letting water in from the high side. Hail wind and the movement that comes from them are a constant issue requiring upkeep and an annual nip and tuck essentially

Mechanical Repair Approach/ 5yr Guarantee  This is where we would completely strip the area or section where the leak is and from the bones up replace what initially caused the leak and rebuild by the book tile the top side.

waterproofing / 2yr Guarantee. This solution is a temporary solution and is a quick fix should finances not permit the more costly repair. This entails a cold-rolled application of an acrylic-based membrane approach which at best lasts 2 years, but does buy the homeowner time financially.

Fix A Roof (PTY)ltd Fixing Roofs The Right Way 

Roof Waterproofing

The general nod to roof waterproofing as a cost-effective solution encompasses the acrylic Bandage cold brush application system. This is a top-side repair solution and in some cases is the correct solution.

The guarantee for this roof waterproofing solution is 2 years as opposed to the 5-year guarantee for the full-blown strip and repair Roof repair solution.

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Roof Repairs

The roof repair solution is more of a hands-on approach to the roof leak solution. The big difference is this option is the more expensive of the two but is a strip and rebuild choice. The biggest advantage here is that we don't just seal from the top but actually strip off where the roof leak is and repair or replace the parts that have failed. The second big differenbce is the longer guarantee. This is due to the fact that we are no longer reling on product but rather service. 

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