Parapet Wall Leak Repair & Waterproofing

A parapet wall is a low protective structural layer that is built adjacent to a roof. A parapet wall provides continuity and support in terms of water, air, vapor, and thermal control. The regulation of these factors helps prevent corrosion and degradation of the roof or some other pre-built adjacent structure.

Parapet Wall by definition !

Parapet Wall Waterproofing -Every Parapet Variation & Its Solution

Above are just a few examples of the parapet and its waterproofing. Too often the same solution is used right the way through in all situations and types. This will never render constant results and when you have a wall that constantly leaks, that is generally why.

experience in cases like these prove invaluable 

Waterproofing Parapet Walls & The Importance of it -Clip Above in example.

Different parapets get different waterproofing methods. The clips above are illustrations of a situation where the plaster was getting damaged from the hail. Firstly the paint got chipped off leaving small openings which then were exposed and became cracks which the water then ingressed and finally that lead to water flowing behind the current flashing system and finally leaking inside 


General standard practice as on the top of boundary walls an tops of parapet walls that are textbook one seals the tops with a fiber membrane and acrylic waterproofing paint cold roll application staged between coats as to allow previous coat ample curing times. The aim here is to stop water splitting the plaster and causing damage and damp, including leaks.


The parapet bordering or acting as a border to the roof and adjoining building /rooftop will require the same treatment as mentioned above to the top side of the wall. The sidewall section, however, will now require a flashing system that runs up the wall side and along whatever substrate is below. This then creates a runoff to the lowest point of the substrate. this also falls under the sidewall flashings category.


The clips above show the small parapet walls and how the torch runs directly up to them in one flow. This is to ensure that the water flowing down the sidewalls don't penetrate the membrane on the floor side where it will also be under constant water in rain situations