Valley Systems | Catchments 

The valley system, where the roof changes direction or joins at an angle.

The valley leak generally is a straight forward issue with two main factors that will generate a leak.

The first issue: General maintenance depending on the pitch of the roof and the angle at what the tiles are cut back to and indeed how neatly they are cut back directly relates to how the water flows down them in a storm. Should there be a tree for instance near by that drops all its leaves or product, this jams up the valley and it then overflows.

Second Issue: This we are seeing more and more often, is when a valley is completely waterproofed / filled with mortar closed or filled/waterproofed up to the point there is no valley line anymore. The very need for the valley to have its line open and free-flowing is the very essence of why the valley is in action in the first place. The last is the rusted up valley with rust holes causing the leak. 

A valley needs to have the correct gap between the tile end creating the gap for the water to flow, The other main security blanket is that the underlay under the valley needs to be fitted properly and in accordance with standards.

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